Finance for HR Managers

Target Audience:Managers and HR specialists Duration:14 hours Provider:Центр развития деловых навыков (CBSD/Thunderbird Russia) Venue:CBSD training center: Butyrskaya str., 77, 10 floorLanguage:RussianCoach:Inna Glikman
Inna Glikman Inna Glikman

Terms and Conditions

– The deadline for registration & payment is usually 5 days before the starting date of the course;
– Those who do not register and pay by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in the training;
– All payments are to be made by bank transfer;
– Once registration is closed, the fee is non-refundable.

Training objectives and advantages
To equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for: clear understanding of business goals and objectives to inline company strategy with HR development strategy, compensation policy and financial justification of suggested events.

Training program
Module 1. Economics and finance for a commercial enterprise – the basics:
• linking the HR department’s financial goals and objectives with those of the enterprise as whole;
• model of capital turnover;
• financial reporting information useful for HR;
• preparing a very simple income statement.

Module 2. Business effectiveness: general patterns and HR contribution:
• general system of performance evaluation: main indicators;
• performance evaluation with quantitative indicators;
• simple statistical tools for HR managers: percents, ratios and trend methods;
• cost structure and cost management: considerations of the HR manager and the financial specialist;
• classifying costs in the HR field;
• principles for developing and justifying the HR budget in the scope of the company’s general financial plan.

Module 3. Applying financial evaluation methods to main HR tasks
• financial justification of decisions made by HR management;
• personnel motivation and compensation in accordance with the financial goals of the company (Pay-For-Performance System);
• performance evaluation for HR development events: how to create and to apply a workable method;
• “Cost/Benefit Analysis” in the evaluation of HR events;
• how to resolve the issue of «compliance» between strategic business goals, department performance and employee performance.

Methodology of training delivery
Mini-lectures, case studies, group work, assignments, discussions, analysis of example situations taken from companies in the client’s industry