Draft Accounting Standards, currently being developed. Planned changes in the RAS system in 2019-2021

Target Audience:Accountants, Economists, Financial ManagersDuration:7 hoursProvider:Alinga Consulting Group Venue:AEB Conference Centre, Moscow, Butyrsky val, 68/70 build.1, office 13Language:RussianCoach:Svetlana Bobovnikova
Svetlana BobovnikovaSvetlana Bobovnikova

Terms and Conditions

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Training objectives and advantages
The seminar introduces the implementation of the Program for the Development of Federal Accounting Standards (FAS), the planned dates for the entry into force of new standards, major changes in the accounting for fixed assets, intangible assets, stocks (inventory), financial instruments, etc. Allows to form an action plan for the transition period and assess the consequences of the transition, including tax ones.

Training program
• Transition of the Russian accounting system to IFRS. Prospects for convergence of accounting and tax accounts.
• Using IFRS standards is a duty or a right? Convergence of accounting policies under RAS and IFRS as a way of reducing costs of financial reports’ restatement. Amended edition of PBU 1/2008 "Accounting policy" (Order of the Ministry of Finance of 28.04.2017 № 69n). The principle of rationality, the concept of reliability, the hierarchy of requirements. The influence of new approaches on the choice of accounting policy.
• The program for the development of the Federal Accounting Standards (FAS) for 2018-2020. The draft FASes, which are put into effect in accordance with the Program in the first place: what we should expect in the transition period.
• Review of key changes envisaged in the draft federal standards "Fixed Assets", "Intangible Assets", "Stocks (inventory)", "Lease", "Documents and Document Flow in Accounting".
• Draft federal standard "Accounts receivable and accounts payable". The concept of discounting. The model of expected credit losses.
• Transition to the balance method of calculation of deferred taxes in accordance with draft amendments to PBU 18/02.

Methodology of training delivery
Lecture, group discussions, case study