Training and Development

Duration:3 daysProvider:Центр развития деловых навыков (CBSD/Thunderbird Russia) Venue:AEB office, Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya ul. 16 bld. 3, entrance 8 (4th floor), nearest metro station - NovoslobodskayaLanguage:Russian

Terms and Conditions

– The deadline for registration & payment is usually 5 days before the starting date of the course;
– Those who do not register and pay by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in the training;
– All payments are to be made by bank transfer;
– Once registration is closed, the fee is non-refundable.

Training objectives

To facilitate building of an effective personnel T&D system in the company by improving the managers’ knowledge and skills in this field. Training participants will

  • Analyze their own company and its training and development system
  • Acquire a systematic approach to building an effective training and development system in a company and the tools for every phase of the system
  • Work in class based on their personal annual business goals and case studies and as a result will analyze the main challenges they face at their work place
  • Receive electronic templates of the documents required for T&D processes formalization. Receive access to CBSD LMS system (server for distant learning)
  • Be able to see the new opportunities for self developing and promoting their own careers

Training program:

Company strategy and top management expectations regarding personnel T&D

  • Company life cycle and evolution of the HR management system
  • Three types of companies and its influence on priorities in T&D

Personnel management and the role of personnel T&D in the HR system in general

  • Model of competences
  • Positions matrix
  • Performance management system
  • How all of the above is linked with T&D

Needs Assessment in T&D (tools)

Formats of conducting T&D

Evaluation of T&D effectiveness

  • T&D effectiveness evaluation criteria
  • Modern approaches to T&D effectiveness evaluation

T&D planning and organization

  • Annual training plan and its mile-stones
  • Responsibility's split at different stages of developmental process of Hi-Po and other categories of employees
  • Tenders and an effective Specification of  Requirements

Personal Development Plans

Basics of Talent  Management

The role of internal PR in effective T&D work

  • Creation of a self-learning organization as a company value
  • Plan of communications


During the training case studies based on client-company practices, role plays, brainstorming, discussions, analysis of specific situations, Knowledge Test will be used.


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

In case of questions or concerns, please, contact:

Alla Hovhannissyan, AEB Training Programs Manager:

Tel: +7 (495) 234 27 64 (ext. 114)