Preparing for a planned inspection of the State labour Inspectorate

Target Audience:HRD, HRBP, HRM, HR-Generalists, functional leaders with direct subordinatesDuration:1 day, 8 hoursProvider:АНКОРVenue:AEB office, Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya ul. 16 bld. 3, entrance 8 (4th floor), nearest metro station - NovoslobodskayaLanguage:RussianCoach:Snezhana Pentsova
Snezhana PentsovaSnezhana Pentsova

Terms and Conditions

– The deadline for registration & payment is usually 5 days before the starting date of the course;
– Those who do not register and pay by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in the training;
– All payments are to be made by bank transfer;
– Once registration is closed, the fee is non-refundable.

Training objectives and advantages
Participants will receive a lot of useful information on how to successfully pass the inspection of the state labor inspectorate and to avoid serious penalties.

Training program
The main powers and tasks of the State labour Inspectorate. Fines.
• The main powers and tasks of the State labour Inspectorate.
• Responsibility for violations. What is the size of fines?
• Statistics.

Types of checks. Why is it important to know their species?

• Features of carrying out a routine inspection/Algorithm.
• What is field and documentary verification? The terms and procedure of inspection of the state labour Inspectorate.
• The rights of the employer and the inspector of the state labour Inspectorate during the inspection.
• What documents are necessary to check the inspector?
• Summing results. Measures taken by the State Labour Inspection.
• What are the consequences and actions? Appeal against orders and decisions of GIT

Documents to be reviewed.
• Types of personnel documents to be submitted for review. Basic mistakes
• Let us consider the main issues relating to workers' personal cards.
• Personal information is...
• Basic hr mistakes :
   - Local regulations.
   - The employment contract
   - Other
• Counting the cost. How much cost an error?

Occupational Safety and Health.
What you need to know about this most important aspect?
   - Training
   - Preparation of documents
   - A special assessment of working conditions
   - Briefing
   - Medical checkup

• How to count the number of quota places?
• What is the implementation of the quota?
• What if the quota is is not performed?
• Duties and responsibilities of the employer when quoting.

Methodology of training delivery
• Seminar
• Case studies
• Group discussion, examples, conclusions
• Work in mini groups
• Theoretical block, analysis of studies
• Role-playing game