Coaching for management staff in small groups: Accounting & Tax Law in Russia

Target Audience:Managers (CEO, CFO, other leading positions) Duration:1 day, 3 hoursProvider:Rödl & PartnerVenue:Office Rödl & Partner: Moscow, ul. Elektrozavodskaya 27/2, Business Center LeFORTLanguage:RussianCoach:Оlga Nikolaeva and Alexander Yudovich
Оlga Nikolaeva and Alexander YudovichОlga Nikolaeva and Alexander Yudovich

Terms and Conditions

– The deadline for registration & payment is usually 5 days before the starting date of the course;
– Those who do not register and pay by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in the training;
– All payments are to be made by bank transfer;
– Once registration is closed, the fee is non-refundable.

Training objectives and advantages
All participants of the training will receive an overview of basic Accounting and Tax Law in Russia.
This training promptly provides you insight into key features of Accounting and Tax Law in Russia and understanding of integration of basic norms of Law into the business practice.

Training program
1. Tax law
    • Basics
      - basics of the Russian tax law
      - overview of the different types of taxes: income tax, VAT (including import and export)
    • Companies
      - specific taxation of an OOO (LLC)
      - permanent establishments: Representative office, branch office
      - VAT: input tax and input tax refund, import turnover tax
      - transfer pricing
      - Funding of Russian subsidiaries
    • Individuals
      - tax obligations of the CEO
      - personal liability
      - income tax

2. Accounting:
      - basics of Russian accounting
      - principles of documents circulation
      - special features of the commercial accounting of revenues and production costs
      - equity, fixed assets
      - payroll accounting
      - financial assets and liabilities
      - financial statement (balance sheet, profit and loss)

Methodology of training delivery

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