Problem solving & Decision making

Duration:1 day, 8,5 academic hours Provider:Venue:AEB office, Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya ul. 16 bld. 3, entrance 8 (4th floor), nearest metro station - NovoslobodskayaLanguage:RussianCoach:Anna Shershneva
Anna ShershnevaAnna Shershneva

Terms and Conditions

– The deadline for registration & payment is usually 5 days before the starting date of the course;
– Those who do not register and pay by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in the training;
– All payments are to be made by bank transfer;
– Once registration is closed, the fee is non-refundable.

Training objectives and advantages
•    Identify 'difficult' areas in business;
•    Identify and evaluate all possible decision making options;
•    Leverage various skills, techniques and tools to deal with problems successfully;
•    Considerably reduce the time needed to take business decisions and resolve problems/issues in business;
•    Take responsibility and initiative in decision making;
•    Present your arguments and influence your interlocutor.

Training program
Module 1. Effective thinking styles.
•    Effective thinking matrix.
•    The four thinking styles
Practical exercise:
Team assignment: ‘Work related situations involving decision making’, personal assignment: Filling in the questionnaire to identify your thinking style.

Module 2. 'Problem solving' algorithms
•    Analysis of persons involved in the decision making and their respective responsibility areas
•    Analysis of the difficult situation
•    Problem solving algorithm (7 phases)
Practical exercise:
Individual analysis exercise: ‘Case study: Analysis of a difficult situation'; brainstorming: 'Problem solving phases'.

Module 3. Decision Making algorithm.
•    Analysis of a situation where a decision has to be made.
•    Decision making process algorithm (7 phases).
Practical exercise:
Team assignment: ‘Option modeling process prior to decision making’. Brainstorming: 'Decision making phases and steps'.

Module 4. Analysis of options and risks in decision making.
•    Options and factors in decision making.
•    Risks and barriers
•    Brainstorm rules
•    Drawing up a further development plan
Practical exercise:
Team case study assignment: 'Damaged power lines in Canada' and finding the solution; Individual work: drawing up a personal development plan.

Methodology of training delivery