Fresh in logistics and foreign trade

Duration:1 day, 8 hoursLanguage:Russian

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– Those who do not register and pay by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in the training;
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 Foreign trade: basic knowledge.
Foreign trade contract.
How to reduce the risks using proper words.
License and Insurance contracts. How to include the insurance and license costs in the customs value of the imported goods? What to include in the invoice price of the goods: insurance costs, license costs, delivery costs and other costs.
What is so important about EXW and FCA?
What is more beneficial for the importer?
How to minimize the customs fees costs at DAP/CPT.
DDP deliveries.
Customs Code of the Customs Union and the inner Russian Customs Legislation Base.
What rules are applied for the clearance?

Export Declaration:
• Who must issue it
• What does the importer need it for
• New rules for EX issuing in EU
The rules to fulfill EX.


Temporary import.

TN VED in Europe and in Russia. Different approaches to coding. How to identify the customs code properly.

How to fulfill the documents according to the Customs needs:
• Invoice
• Packing List
• Contract and its Appendixes

Keep Exel table of the goods articles.
What to control in
TIR – CMR - Invoice.
Customs Clearance. Main stages.
How to fill-in Item 31 of the declaration.

What to do when the following if:
- there are mistakes in the accompanying forms
- re-grading of goods takes place
- the is an absence of the permits ( for example Certificates). And new rules to make a Certificate.
- there is NETTO/ BRUTTO weight difference
-the case of sort delivery takes place
-there is a defining the customs codes
-there is a defining the way to prove customs value
Typical customs clearance mistakes: experience and advisers.
The correction
of the goods` customs value.
Goods release with over paid fees and the following refund.
Practical advisers.
How does the final customs value correction affect the company`s customs statistics?
Customs value correction after Russia joining WTO? What are the changes?
Parallel import and intellectual property. Russian approach to the problem.

Today and tomorrow of the customs clearance:
• Road map of the customs administrative reform
• Customs services
• The prospective of the customs services development:
-Transport companies
• What does the importer need to have by the year 2015