About AEB Training

"AEB Training" is a training program of Association of European Businesses (AEB).

The AEB was established in 1995 on the initiative of several European companies registered in the Russian Federation, Ambassadors of EU member states and the Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to the Russian Federation.

AEB membership is made up of enterprises and entrepreneurs from the member states of the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), which have business activities with and in the Russian Federation.

Since 2009, the AEB has been offering the "AEB Training" project in partnership with leading training and consulting companies within the AEB membership. The “AEB Training” is a kind of loyalty M2M program: AEB members receive special discounts on all open training courses and on corporate orders within the “AEB Training” program. Companies that are not members of the AEB, may also take part in the “AEB Training” programs, however are not subject to membership discounts.

"AEB Training" aims to present the most popular, interesting and high-quality training products from its member companies. Many of the open training programs are specifically tailored for the AEB by the providers, and are therefore unique. AEB training programs cover a wide range of areas and are designed for specialists of different levels.

Open training programs are usually brief and intense in nature (1-5 days). Training programs are conducted mainly in Russian and English languages. Most of the open training courses are organized at the AEB premises.

 AEB members may approach the AEB with their specific corporate training and coaching requirements, and receive professional support in finding the best solutions.